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Beautiful old temples of the ancient capital city, Bagan

What the Legend of King Alaungsithu Teaches Us About Travel

We all travel for different reasons, but deep down I suspect each of us is seeking something that we feel we don’t possess. Maybe our lives aren’t exciting enough. Maybe we’re looking for validation or admiration. Or maybe it’s the sense of adventure. Chasing the romantic image of faraway places. But no matter where we go or what our motivation, there’s something satisfying about an authentic experience in a new and unfamiliar land.
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Lashio train across Gokteik Viaduct in Shan State, Myanmar

Across the Famous Gokteik Viaduct Aboard the Train to Hsipaw

Darkness blankets the city as I make my way toward Mandalay station in the pre-dawn hours. I’m alone, but there’s nothing to be afraid of. Myanmar is one of the safest tourist destinations in Asia. The locals I’ve encountered have been all smiles. Besides, I know where I’m going. I walked to the train station just yesterday to buy my ticket to the Shan State town of Hsipaw. $4 for a 1st class ticket on one of the great train routes of the world. Read More

amazing sunset at Kuta Beach in Bali, Indonesia

4 Amazing Bali Beaches Off The Beaten Path

Bali… just the mention of this tiny island buried deep in the heart of the Indonesian archipelago conjures visions of dazzling seascapes. Massive volcanoes, lush vegetation, and sweeping coastal views fill the fantasies of aspiring visitors. And Bali doesn’t disappoint. That is if you know where to look. Kuta is a swarm of activity. It’s overrun with tourists, touts, and traffic. But Bali has much more to offer for those willing to get off the beaten path. These 4 amazing beaches are sure to delight. Read More

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Why monkey on a bus? Well, that’s just the way I feel sometimes traveling abroad. I’m prone to unexpected departures and disappearing for months. I like to read, write, and spread goodwill. But mostly I like to travel and share my stories with anyone who will listen.

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