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All About Monkey On A Bus

The Author

I’m Kris, solo backpacker and creator of Monkey On A Bus. After living in 4 different states and traveling through most of the US, I decided to strike out on an international adventure in 2013. I quit my job, sold everything, and bought a 40-liter backpack to go with a one-way ticket from Honolulu to Manila. I didn’t map out an itinerary. I didn’t have a backup plan. I just had a life-long dream to travel the world, and the determination to pursue it.

Kris White of Monkey On A Bus The Art Of Travel blog at Waimanalo Beach, Hawaii

I always had a healthy interest in history and geography as a child. I was captivated by the exotic. Stories of old-time explorers, lost maps, and ancient civilizations found their way into my mind, and over the years began to take root. Deserted beaches, floating markets, temple ruins and royal castles occupied my thoughts. I always counted myself somewhat independent, but I never did anything special to prepare for this lifestyle. I simply let go of the excuses, set my mind to employing the necessary resources, and then stepped out into the unknown. In retrospect, that was the best decision I ever made.

The Travel Blog

I quickly realized that life on the road was not to become a short-term state of being. So after only a few months overseas it became obvious that I’d need a way to document the adventure, both for my own records as well as to share what I was experiencing with family and friends back home. I knew that the occasional Skype calls and picture messages weren’t doing the situation any justice. The sights, sounds, dangers and thrills couldn’t be summed up adequately enough. What I was feeling, it was something more. Something deeper. And somehow it felt important, if not imperative to allow others to live vicariously through me. That’s how Monkey On A Bus came into existence. It is not so much a DIY travel guide as it is a journal of sorts. A place to exchange ideas and information, a medium by which we can share memories, and a vehicle to communicate the emotions associated with seeing the world “out there” through one man’s eyes.

hiking the Kalalau Trail of the Na Pali coast on Kauai, Hawaii

I suppose writing has long held a special place in my heart. I’ve always had a way with words, and a great respect for their power. I marvel at their ability to impact and to spark change in the world, and most importantly in individuals. Throughout my travels I noticed that my story, simple as it seemed to me, was having a real and noticeable effect on the friends I met along the way. Recognizing that I could use my journey to inspire, I made it my mission with this project to embolden and encourage others to pursue their own dreams of traveling the world. And if I can reach just a single person, then this will have all been worthwhile.